The professional fees charged at COTG are based on practice cost calculations and are in line with a specialist practice. We offer a discounted rate of the ethical tariff as previously published by the Health Professionals Council of South Africa.

We are not contracted to medical aids, however, as a predominantly trauma practice, most of the conditions we treat are surgical emergencies and fall within the Prescribed Minimum Benefits Act. The medical funders are obliged by law to cover the cost of treatment for these conditions in full, without any limitations or co-payment on the patients’ part. This law is unfortunately often overlooked by most medical aids, unless challenged. It is your responsibility to submit your bill to your medical aid. We will gladly assist you by providing you with supporting documentation. Your account however remains your responsibility.

For elective surgery we give a detailed quotation beforehand so you can communicate with your medical aid and establish what the potential shortfall will be, if any.

We actively encourage our patients to take Gap Cover for any shortfalls in their accounts. Please discuss available options with your financial adviser or broker.